GRAEME SOUNESS: A jumped-up UEFA minion tells us we can’t sing our national anthem? Dream on!

It made me equally sad and angry that a handful of people showed disrespect during the minute’s silence at a couple of games this week. The bottom line is that someone has died. A family are in mourning. It happens to be our Queen. My Queen. A woman who has given 70 years of selfless … Read more

Cloud Computing Market in Healthcare Industry to Reach US$ 911.6 Bn by 2028: TMR Study

WILMINGTON, DE / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2022 / Transparency Market Research Inc. – An in-depth cloud computing market in healthcare industry demand analysis found that healthcare organizations (HCOs) are keenly moving their IT systems to cloud to support efficient, scalable, cost-effective patient care. Rapid pace of adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) by health … Read more

Startups Raise Record Sums To Cut Food Waste 

The problem of food waste has attracted more attention in recent years, and rightfully so. By now, the rough stats are pretty familiar. Globally, approximately 30% of all food is lost or wasted. In the U.S., meanwhile, it’s estimated that up to 40% of all food produced goes uneaten. It’s a hot-button environmental issue, as … Read more

How the iPhone 14 Could Upend the High-End Camera Market

Remember 2008? George W. Bush was finishing up his last year in office, Beyoncé and Jay-Z got married, Britney Spears made her big comeback after a tumultuous public breakdown, and the companies that made point-and-shoot cameras had a banner year in sales, hawking more than 110 million consumer cameras that year. Fast-forward to today, and … Read more

XGS-PON – Making the case for Fibre in Emerging Markets

While the cost of deploying fibre has long been a sticking point for operators prioritising fast deployment and affordability, Nokia’s Ana Pesovic explained to us how the long-term value proposition of passive optical networking (PON) is already clear – both in rural and urban areas. We spoke to her to discover more about the technology’s … Read more

How To Reshape The Future Of Indian Agriculture

Agrifood life sciences (AFLS) as a sub-sector of agritech is yet to experience the same boom in entrepreneurship and funding. Illustration: Sameer Pawar Less than a decade ago, channeling capital into India’s now-thriving agritech sector was a Herculean task. Before the ubiquity of mobile data and smartphones across rural India, venture capital (VC) investors focussed on … Read more

Bolt’s Ryan Breslow Is Back As CEO Of A New Startup Called Love

The controversial founder and executive chairman of payment company Bolt slides into the CEO seat of an early-stage wellness startup. Ryan Breslow, Bolt’s executive chairman, announced Friday that he’s taking the role of CEO and founder of a health startup called Love. In January 2022, Breslow, 28, sparked confusion and fueled conspiracy theories across Silicon … Read more