Preserving and collecting mobile device data

June 30, 2022 – Mobile devices are ubiquitous, and so is their use to transmit and store information that could relate to litigation or investigations. Yet mobile device data is frequently overlooked by litigants, in part because many attorneys have a limited understanding of how to treat it in discovery. This article provides a short … Read more

Still Working From Home? Here’s 4 Tips for Faster Wi-Fi

Since the first quarter of 2020 with the outbreak of the pandemic, work trends and expectations have dramatically changed. Working from home and spending long hours indoors became the norm. And this situation isn’t likely to change any time soon, considering many employees want to continue remote work at some level even as offices begin to reopen … Read more

US May core PCE 4.7% y/y vs 4.8% expected

The highlights of the PCE report for May 2022 Adam Button Thursday, 30/06/2022 | 12:28 GMT-0 30/06/2022 | 12:28 GMT-0 Prior was +4.9% y/y Core m/m +0.3% vs +0.4% expected PCE price index +0.6% vs +0.2% prior Price index y/y +6.3% vs +6.3% prior Consumption: Personal income +0.5% vs +0.5% exp Real personal consumption -0.4% … Read more

The record sale progression of every Premier League club with Arsenal stalling at the Ox

First, read the headline again because every time we do these lists we get people pointing out that these are not the five biggest sales. Because they’re not; they’re the five last record sales. Got it?   ArsenalPaul Merson – £5m (to Middlesbrough in July 1997) Nicolas Anelka – £22.3m (to Real Madrid in August … Read more

Sony Xperia 1 IV review: Manual focus

(Pocket-lint) – The Xperia 1 IV is the latest device to head up Sony’s core trio of smartphones, ably joined by the smaller Xperia 5 and budget-friendly Xperia 10 lines. As we’ve seen with the previous iterations of this top-tier line, though, you don’t get the typical flagship experience here. This is a niche offering, … Read more

How to transition to the cloud: 7 best practices

It’s easy to identify the reasons an organization would transition to the cloud. The concepts and practices necessary to accomplish a cloud migration, however, can be difficult to grasp. Every organization’s experience with the cloud will be unique depending on exactly which types of cloud resources it uses and what it deploys on them. Nevertheless, … Read more

Strange New Worlds’ Embraces Sci-Fi Hijinks

During the Golden Age of Streaming, most science fiction television has had one thing in common: it’s all about serious, stone-cold, high stakes drama. Take Westworld, for example—has anyone ever cracked a smile on that blasted show, or were they all too busy worrying about the fate of sentient life? Meanwhile, over in the thick … Read more

The Quantum Computing Arms Race is not Just About Breaking Encryption Keys

Countries designate technologies as strategic for a variety of reasons. Some technologies are regarded as an engine for economic growth, others as a way to reduce dependence on foreign suppliers, a defensive measure, a path to gain economic or national security advantages, or even serve as leverage during times of conflict. We’ve seen this play … Read more