Independent Scotland must take a different approach to trade

SCOTLAND The Brief, written by Believe in Scotland, is a fantastic read for anyone interested to learn about Scotland’s diverse and rich economic resources. These resources include energy, oil, gas, food, drinks, finance, life sciences, chemical sciences, digital, creative, education, construction, tourism, and even space. Further, with 8% of the UK population we have 70% of UK fish … Read more

Patient and confident Putin shifts out of wartime crisis mode – The Irish Times

Early in his war against Ukraine President Vladimir Putin of Russia appeared tense, angry and even disoriented. He spent days out of the public eye, threatened the West with nuclear strikes, and lashed out at anti-war Russians as “scum.” But in recent weeks a new Putin has emerged, very much resembling his prewar image: relaxed, … Read more

Why Mexico is missing its chance to profit from US-China decoupling

When Donald Trump started a trade war with China in 2018, Mexico looked well placed to benefit. For American manufacturers scrambling to dodge newly imposed tariffs on Chinese imports, the attraction of moving production to their southern neighbour seemed clear. Mexico offered a skilled workforce, good road and rail connections, an established export industry and … Read more

What Asia learned from the financial chaos of 1997

An aerial view of Bangkok’s central business district on June 2, 2022. (Photo: Bloomberg) Twenty-five years ago this month marked the beginning of economic, political and financial market turmoil that would become known as the Asian Financial Crisis. Currencies and stock markets tumbled. Governments were overthrown. Poverty rates soared. The crisis raised serious doubts about … Read more

How inflation will affect Apple

An employee arranges Apple iPhones as customer shop at an Apple store. Mike Segar | Reuters The last time Apple faced an inflationary environment like this, it had been a public company for less than a year and its best-selling product was the Apple II home computer. In May, the annual inflation rate in the … Read more

The macroeconomic effects of structural reforms

The macroeconomic effects of structural reforms: An empirical and model-based approach Structural reforms encompass a broad set of policies that can permanently alter the supply side of the economy and create an environment in which innovation can thrive. These policies lift productive capacity by strengthening incentives to increase production inputs or to ensure that those … Read more

You have two options | Forexlive

The market is navigating different outcomes and in the simplest terms, here’s how it shapes up. 1) High inflation with ongoing growth and Fed hikes above 4% This is the scenario the market grappled with for most of the year and the results speak for themselves. It was the worst H1 for the S&P 500 … Read more