Blame, threat and clash: the war between pickleball and tennis players is escalating – on and off the court | Sport

There’s a storm brewing on the tennis courts of America. Admittedly a very middle class, middle-aged storm, but a storm nonetheless. On one side are the tennis players, with their eons of history, perfectly pressed shorts and thousands of dollars to spend on lessons. And on the other are the advocates for America’s fastest growing … Read more

How Ons Jabeur helped bring WTA tennis to Tunisia

Although she refuses to take credit for it, Ons Jabeur has played a crucial role in bringing a WTA tournament to her home country of Tunisia for the very first time, and the popular world No.2 will be the main attraction when the event kicks off in Monastir on Monday. The Jasmin Open is just … Read more

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal friendship: Why don’t more British men hold hands?

The two men, sitting side-by-side, are becoming tearful. Their brows crease; their eyes moisten; their mouths part, as if in preparation for the gasp that precedes a sob. And then Roger Federer’s hand reaches for Rafael Nadal’s. In touching each other’s hands at last week’s Laver Cup, Federer and Nadal seemed to touch the tennis-watching … Read more

Roger Federer’s last match is doubles loss with Rafael Nadal

LONDON (AP) — This day, this match, had to come, of course, for Roger Federer, and for tennis, just as it inevitably must for every athlete in every sport. Federer bid adieu Friday night with one last contest before he heads into retirement at age 41 after a superlative career that included 20 Grand Slam … Read more