Best Honor Phones 2022: Google Support Returns

Honor made a name for itself for years as the cheaper, youth-oriented division of Huawei, but now that it’s been sold by the Chinese giant Honor has to strike off on its own as an independent company. That brings both challenges – forming its own R&D, manufacture, and distribution channels – and benefits, as Honor … Read more

Best phone for an older person 2022

Smartphones are incredibly popular devices but their immense capability has made them increasingly complex for novices. What might seem second nature to young people can be incredibly confusing to a generation that grew up before the internet.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of the market caters to experienced phone users, so you have to look a … Read more

Choose Your Mobile Duress Devices Wisely

When selecting a system, be sure it’s supervised, on a dedicated network and designed for life safety so it will work when you need it. Jul 03, 2022Ed. Note: This article was previously posted at Campus Safety. Is it more dangerous to have an unsupervised mobile duress system than no system at all? This is … Read more

My life in five LG phones

LG: one of Korea’s famed dynastic conglomerates and a globally known brand for durable goods and consumer electronics. It was pretty good at making phones for a time — people might most fondly remember the Chocolate from 2006, but the more obscure and dirt-cheap KP100 candybar from 2008 outgrossed it in sales. Then came the … Read more

Best smartphone 2022: Find the best phone for you

2022 is nearly halfway done and the tech gods have blessed us with some truly superb smartphones. Whether you’re looking for performance, camera smarts, or value, our definitive list of the ten best phones has it all.  The top phone on this rundown won’t be the ideal phone for everybody so make sure to check … Read more

Phone update policies from every major company

Ryan Haines / Android Authority If you have an Android smartphone, you likely want it to last as long as possible. You probably have a case to protect it physically, but what about the software inside the phone? How can you keep that safe? This is where phone updates come into play — an integral … Read more