MiLC Week 6: East Bay Blazers end Silicon Valley Strikers’ 11-game winning streak


Raptors’ Jacobus Pienaar dazzled with a 38-ball hundred

Raptors’ Jacobus Pienaar dazzled with a 38-ball hundred © MILC

Atlantic Conference

The Empire State Titans’ twin wins against the New England Eagles heated up the race for the second playoff spot from Eastern Division, with Titans only 2 points behind the second placed Yorkers. Adil Bhatti’s four-fer and Ariful Haque’s incisive spell of 3 for 15 had the Eagles batting faltered twice in as many games to wrap up 4 crucial points.

The Atlanta Lightening and Atlanta Fire shared the bragging rights in the Atlanta derby. Lightning cruised to 145 for 3 on the back of Hanchard Hamilton’s fifty in their pursuit of 165 before the game was awarded to Lightning based on DLS method at 17.3 overs. The Lightning rode the momentum the next day as Mark Parchment starred with a blazing 85 off 51 balls. The Fire swung their fortunes around with a final over chase of 194 with Rahkeem Cornwall starting the fireworks at the top.

Raptors’ Jacobus Pienaar was a man possessed against the Ft. Lauderdale Lions. Pienaar dazzled with a 38-ball hundred as the Lions were humbled by the Raptors by over hundred runs after being batted out of the game with a massive 225 on the board. A day before, Raptors made light work of Galaxy’s modest 151 with Lahiru Milantha augmenting his purple patch, reaching his 3rd half century in 6 games.

The Stallions wrapped up the Philadelphians at 140 in the 19th over. The Philadelphians kept the Stallions in check right through the innings before the young Raymond Ramrattan plundered 12 off the final over including a boundary of the final delivery to have the Stallions bag a close encounter. The Stallions came back the next day to hand the DC Hawks a ten wicket drubbing, acing a 126-run chase in the 13th over as Anthony Bramble eased his way to unbeaten 80. Milind Kumar’s masterful hundred went in vain as the Philadelphians slumped to their second loss of the weekend against the Manhattan Yorkers, effectively dashing their dreams of a playoff berth.

Pacific Conference

Sami Aslam’s indifferent form at the top of the order has been synonymous with the Golden State Grizzlies’ blow hot blow cold campaign. The Strikers left the Grizzlies licking their wounds with a 10-wicket mauling as Saurabh Netravalkar ran through the listless Grizzlies with a spell of 4 for 13. The East Bay Blazers became the first team of the tournament to get the better of Strikers this season. The Blazers arrested the Striker’s 11 win streak by hunting down 167 in the 19th over as Carmi Le Roux’s 4-fer thwarted an explosive Strikers batting unit before Angelo Perera’s resolute 53 took the Blazers home.

Nosthush Kenjige produced a power-packed performance as he revived a struggling Mustangs innings to respectability before coming back to dismantle the Chicago Tigers with a six-wicket haul to hand the Mustangs their 10th win in 11 games this season. The Mustangs made 11 out of 12 the next day against the Chicago Blasters. Sujith Gowda’s brazen 83 lifted the Mustangs to 182 before the Blasters slumped to a 59 run defeat.

The Hollywood Master Blasters plunged to two more defeats this weekend against the Socal Lashings and the San Diego Surf Riders as they lunged at the bottom of the Western Division. The St. Louis Americans pipped the Michigan Cricket Stars in a final over chase, surmounting 176 with valuable contributions from Nikhil Kanchan and Ayaan Khan. The Michigan Cricket Stars pulled the next one back against the Americans with Haladhar Das’ back to back fifties and Tirth Patel’s bemusing spell of 4 for 20. The Houston Hurricanes kept themselves in the playoff hunt with a crushing 9 wicket victory over the Chicago Tigers as Rameez Raja jnr. stormed his way back into form with a fiery innings of 68*.

Atlantic Conference

Somerset Cavaliers vs DC Hawks

Brief Scores: Cavaliers 124 in 18.5 overs (Navin Stewart 30, Pranto Ahmed 4-24) lost to Hawks 125-2 in 17.4 overs (Ritwik Behera 45, Damion Jacobs 1-23)

Empire State Titans vs New England Eagles

Brief Scores: Titans 164-6 in 20 overs (Savan Patel 48, Devendra Bishoo 3-26) beat Eagles 116-9 in 20 overs (Saad Awan 33, Adil Bhatti 4-15)

Atlanta Fire vs Atlanta Lightning

Brief Scores: Fire 164-9 in 20 overs (Steven Taylor 56, Heath Richards 2-11) lost to Lightning 145-3 in 17.3 overs by DLS method (Hanchard Hamilton 54, Steven Taylor 1-18)

The Philadelphians vs New Jersey Stallions

Brief Scores: Philadelphians 140 in 18.4 overs (Liam Plunkett 48, Nino Henry 3-42) lost to Stallions 144-7 in 20 overs (Anthony Bramble 41, Trinson Carmichael 3-31)

Orlando Galaxy vs Morrisville Raptors

Brief Scores: Galaxy 151-6 in 20 overs (Dimitri Adams 44, Aditya Padala 3-38) lost to Raptors 155-5 in 17.5 overs (Lahiru Milantha 51, Isuru Kurawitage 3-32)

DC Hawks vs New Jersey Stallions

Brief Scores: Hawks 125-9 in 20 overs (Pranto Ahmed 43, Nino Henry 3-27) lost to Stallions 126-0 in 12.3 overs (Anthony Bramble 80*)

Orlando Galaxy vs Morrisville Raptors

Brief Scores: Galaxy 124 in 18.3 overs (Roohit Dutchin 53, Karthikeya Jagadish 5-26) beat Raptors 119 in 19.3 overs (Jacobus Pienaar 30, Roohit Dutchin 2-11)

New England Eagles vs Empire State Titans

Brief Scores: Eagles 104 in 17.2 overs (Rizwan Mazher 29, Ariful Haque 3-15) lost to Titans 104-6 in 16 overs (Monank Patel 39, Devendra Bishoo 2-24)

Atlanta Lightning vs Atlanta Fire

Brief Scores: Lightning 193-8 in 20 overs (Mark Parchment 85, Evroy Dyer 3-47) lost to Fire 196-4 in 19.2 overs (Rahkeem Cornwall 59, Heath Richards 36)

The Philadelphians vs Manhattan Yorkers

Brief Scores: Philadelphians 187-4 in 20 overs (Milind Kumar 104, Bhaskar Yadram 1-31) lost to Yorkers 193-3 in 15.4 overs (Danesh Patel 86, Chiranshu Bhatia 2-21)

Morrisville Raptors vs Ft. Lauderdale Lions

Brief Scores: Raptors 225-8 in 20 overs (Jacobus Pienaar 100, Shamarie Brown 2-23) beat Lions 117 in 18.2 overs (Danza Hyatt 68, Karthikey Jagadish 3-29)

Pacific Conference

Hollywood Master Blasters vs Socal Lashings

Brief Scores: Blasters 138 in 20 overs (Rohith Ramkumar 56, Harpreet Singh 3-17) lost to Socal Lashings 143-2 in 15.5 overs (Dale Phillips 84*, Basant Regmi 1-13)

Michigan Cricket Stars vs St. Louis Americans

Brief Scores: Stars 175-5 in 20 overs (Haladhar Das 63*, Vraj Patel 2-21) lost to Americans 178-4 in 19.2 overs (Ayaan Khan 42, Zeeshan Maqsood 3-36)

Dallas Mustangs vs Chicago Tigers

Brief Scores: Mustangs 149-9 in 20 overs (Nosthush Kenjige 32, Sami Sohail 6-33) beat Tigers 122 in 19.1 overs (Saad Ali 30, Noshthush Kenjige 6-10)

Chicago Tigers vs Houston Hurricanes

Brief Scores: Tigers 113-7 in 20 overs (Umair Mir 37, Usman Rafiq 2-21) lost to Hurricanes 114-1 in 11.1 overs (Rameez Raja jnr. 68*)

Golden State Grizzlies vs Silicon Valley Strikers

Brief Scores: Grizzlies 100 in 17.1 overs (Shivam Mishra 33, Saurabh Netravalkar 4-13) lost to Strikers 101-0 in 10.3 overs (Unmukt Chand 63*)

Hollywood Master Blasters vs San Diego Surf Riders

Brief Scores: Blasters 110 in 18.5 overs (Ahad Malek 36, Marty Kain 4-18) lost to Surf Riders 114-7 in 19.3 overs (Nikhil Dutta 36, Karan Viradya 3-16)

Dallas Mustangs vs Chicago Blasters

Brief Scores: Mustangs 182-7 in 20 overs (Sujith Gowda 83, Chiranjeevi Akunuri 3-18) beat Blasters 123-6 in 20 overs (Umair Mir 42, Adnan Haroon 2-13)

Michigan Cricket Stars vs St. Louis Americans

Brief Scores: Stars 158-8 in 20 overs (Haladhar Das 64, Parth Patel 3-15) beat Americans 120-9 in 20 overs (Parth Patel 31, Tirth Patel 4-20)

Lone Star Athletics vs Chicago Tigers

Brief Scores: Athletics 166-6 in 20 overs (Shayan Jahangir 60, Calvin Savage 2-31) lost to Tigers 167-7 in 20 overs (Calvin Savage, Khurram Manzoor 1-12)

Silicon Valley Strikers vs East Bay Blazers

Brief Scores: Strikers 166-8 in 20 overs (Shehan Jayasuriya 65, Carmi Le Roux 4-26) lost to Blazers 167-6 in 18.2 overs (Angelo Perera 53, Saurabh Netravalkar 2-21)

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