Top 10 Premier League teams of all time has no Manchester United on the podium

Fun debate, isn’t it? Which is the best Premier League team of all time? We’ve got ourselves a top 10 for you to disagree with here. Some (pretty fluid) ground rules. We’ve gone for a single season, but obviously plenty of these teams had multiple seasons of greatness. We’ve tried to pinpoint the absolute peak … Read more

Premier League records that will probably never be broken features Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd

People say records are there to be broken, but some are there to stay for an eternity. We give you 14 Premier League records that will probably never be bettered.   Most consecutive seasons as manager (22)From 1996 until 2018, Arsene Wenger was manager of Arsenal, meaning he was in charge for a colossal 22 … Read more

Haaland could comfortably eclipse the ten greatest Premier League debut seasons ever

There is a sneaking suspicion that Erling Haaland might just have got the hang of Our League. A few others made it look easy straight away.   10) Fernando Torres (Liverpool, 2007/08)The most goals a foreign player has ever scored in their debut Premier League season was the 24 plundered by Fernando Torres for Liverpool … Read more

How every Premier League team would have ranked in Haaland’s points-based system

Alfie Haaland revealed in the documentary ‘Haaland: The Big Decision’ that he and his son Erling used a points-based system to decide which club to join from Borussia Dortmund. It’s not clear exactly what all the criteria were, but five were mentioned. Only seven clubs made the shortlist but we thought it might be fun … Read more

problems Prem managers should have addressed during international break

Mikel Arteta needed only to spread the love, while the likes of David Moyes, Steve Cooper and Brendan Rodgers have had their work cut out during the international break. Here’s the most pressing issue each manager has had to address over the last fortnight. Or in some cases, four weeks…   Arsenal – keeping everyone … Read more

Ranking clubs by how knackered they will be in seven weeks

The international break is over, and it’s back to a nice quiet bit of of domestic football. For six mad weeks before we all have to stop so they can sneak a little World Cup in. There is a really quite insane amount of football to get through before Qatar, so who’s got it worst? … Read more

One player per club worried about the World Cup as Premier League returns…

Three Arsenal players are second-guessing the Brazil coach, a 146-cap veteran is sweating, while a West Ham winger has a Man Utd star breathing down his neck. With the Premier League returning this weekend, here are 20 players all stewing over their World Cup prospects…   Arsenal – Gabriel MartinelliThe last Brazil squad before the … Read more

How far has Harry Maguire dropped in our top 50 ranking?

If you are new to the England ladder then this is how it works – this is an approximation of Gareth Southgate’s thoughts on England. Not ours. But Gareth Southgate’s. Which is why Harry Maguire is not jettisoned. Southgate will choose a 26-man squad in October that will then be finalised in November ahead of … Read more

The ten best players England must be careful not to lose to other countries, including Chelsea pair

In the modern day it is weird for a player not to be eligible to represent about 15 different countries. England must be wary over these ten.   10) Jack HarrisonStuck so high on this list purely on the basis that his international eligibility is the subject of mild fascination, uncertainty, claim and counter-claim. Jack … Read more

We assess the odd favourites amid Southgate sack calls

So you want Gareth Southgate sacked… who next? Really, who? We’ve assessed why the candidates might be the next England manager, and why they wouldn’t. Here are the five favourites – well, four of them and Brendan Rodgers – and how well placed they might be to boss the Three Lions…   Graham PotterWhy he … Read more