Transfer kings Man Utd have a ‘forward line as good as any’ in the Premier League

Actually, Man United are the ‘transfer kings’, give Harry Maguire a break and more in the Mailbox. Send your thoughts to


A forward line to beat them all
Ironical? This is it. United’s best bit of business has been severing ties with a virus (topic is well documented no need to delve further) second best bit of business has been seeing the back of snitch the icing on the cake has been getting a trainer to unlock the potential of an attack that scored 122 goals before Helios the sun god rocked up on the M16 and instantly demanded everyone bow at his temple (guy is a legend but never seen anyone so obsessed with himself what happened to the Zizou real Ronaldo all about football generation) only to almost half the goals output of the team. Finally united players seem to have a fire in their belly to prove all those laughing at them wrong that forward line is as good as any in the league and it looks to me like minutes will be given on merit. Zidane Iqbal is the man.
Joe Nairobi 

Messi vs Ronaldo
I have no opinion worth spouting about Ronaldo, but it just annoys me a bit when William from Leicester decides to drag Messi into the conversation. First of all, it has no relevance and second, his point about Messi and Barcelona financial woes is completely wrong.

Messi had a massive salary at Barcelona yet he brought much more in than took out. You can check for example here:

Not only was Messi financially a huge success for FC Barcelona, the whole city had a positive financial effect because of him. If you want to blame somebody from the playing staff, maybe point your finger at Coutinho and Griezmann. Even that would be wildly off point though, the only people responsible for Barca’s financial trouble are the ones making the decisions of player purchases and salary negotiations.
Best wishes. Matti, Helsinki

Maguire haters
To Paul Murphy and all the maguire haters. Has he slowed from Leicester days? Did you think you were buying Usain Bolt? Give the guy a fucking break, he is struggling in a shit team. C’mon man.

Maguire defended by Brown

Man Utd, the transfer kings
Tom E13, by your definition of transfer success being losing money on players who never really make it at their next clubs, you’ve just decided United to be the kings.

We sign players for massive amounts and most of them leave for peanuts or free.

There are a couple of exceptions to players actually playing better once they leave us but most continue to be pants.
Jon, Cape Town (for the record, utd are terrible at transfers, I just think your measure is stupid. Big clubs often pay over the odds for their players. For transfer success, see nett spend and then talk to your Liverpool rivals about who wins that)

Pep the best
Tom E13 you fail to see that Pep has been the manager at the biggest clubs that buys the best players and uses them at their peak best years before they get sold on or retire i.e. Yaya Toure, Kompany, Aguero and Fernandinho to name a few, his best players in their pomp don’t get sold to other teams.
Gaz, CFC, Sidcup (Sterling wasn’t in the first 11 for them next season and was cashed in for before he went on a free)

The end to ‘woke nonsense’
Sure you at 365 Towers are fed up with this now (except for the ad revenue) but you brought it upon yourselves so here is a double reply here regarding Ian King’s piece.

To Graham Simons, Alex Scott, despite being one of the best pundits around in my opinion, still works for the BBC who’s bread and butter these days is complaining about racial problems that don’t actually exist. Also this is the same BBC that advertises non-acting jobs that white people aren’t allowed to apply for which is illegal in the UK. The BBC has broken its mandate which is why the licence fee is being abolished. Nothing that an institutionally racist organisation or any of its employees say regarding race or racism can be taken seriously as we know their agenda.

The national sport of most South Asian countries is cricket and it is still the most popular sport among South Asians in the UK. This is just a fact and the same as saying rice is more popular in China than bread, this isn’t because bread is racist or Chinese people don’t like bread it’s just that in general they prefer rice. It isn’t a sweeping generalisation, just the truth so end your virtue signaling tantrum already.

Have you ever heard of the term Occam’s razor as it fits this issue perfectly? Lot’s of Black women compete in athletics but not football. Most athletes are poorly paid if at all and have to travel all over the country usually on their own dime (my brother was an athlete so I know this) but somehow unlike football black women still take part in large numbers even at the elite level in the UK. Is this because most of the black women that compete in athletics are not lower class so can afford the cost? This is highly unlikely so the simple explanation is that they just prefer athletics to football, right? I’m sure your big brain can muse over that for a while as common sense might prevail.

This issue has been raised most likely up to a government level so we all we all know where it will end as that is discriminatory funding practices in grassroots women’s football. If class is the issue then you give funding to lower class women in general if they want to take part in football. Race should never be raised even once and extra funding should definitely not be given to specific races as that is discrimination.

Now to a very angry Jim O’Donnell. I don’t need to know you to come up with the assumption you are an ignorant, woke racist as you wrote the mail 365 posted, please correct me if you didn’t. The article as you say was coherent and I think possibly written in good faith but it was just wrong and had racist overtones. Not made up woke ones but actual ones.

Here is the problem with the woke, you think because you’ve infected every institution that you are the majority when in fact you are about 12-15% of the country at most. The last election in this country proved how sick of this woke anti-British nonsense most people are just the sad fact it this disease has infected the Conservative party too so they were duped, the country is still doomed.

I’ve never voted Conservative, UKIP or any other right wing party in my life, however I hope Kemi Badenoch is our next PM because she is the only person in the party who’s intelligent, principled and anti-woke. This kind of ruins your argument that I’m far-right or racist if you know who Kemi is. Of course typical leftists will just scream that because Kemi won’t think like they believe every black person has to, she is internalizing whiteness so isn’t really black as we’ve heard this appalling racist sickness before. Imagine being so delusional that you think people who believe racism against every race is wrong and that people should be judged on their character makes them far-right, this is what 85%+ of Britons have to deal with now from the left.

Also what is this nonsense about defending the historic privilege of white males? Being British in the modern sense has nothing to do with race or gender, it is a cultural mindset that anybody born here or who emigrated here can have. People can be both proudly British and proudly the country of their birth or heritage too. I’m not 100% British myself so I know full well this is true, this doesn’t make me less British than someone who’s 100% Anglo as it is a mindset not just a nationality. The sad fact about this country is that 12-15% of people living on our shores have rejected this mindset, hate this country and want to destroy it because they have been brainwashed with a foreigh ideology. This is why they invest so much of their lives trying to cause racial tensions as they think that is the trump card to erase the British cultural mindset once and for all then replace it with Marxism, Fascism or their b*stard love-child globalism (see Sri Lanka for what happens when the globalists start running your country).

To end, I grew up as many did watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Friends. Myself and I’m sure everybody else watching in the UK at the time never thought “hey everybody in these shows are the same race!!!! I must complain about it to Points of View or something and get these shows cancelled!!!!!!”. You know why nobody thought like that back then? Because they would have been considered correctly to be f*cking insane that’s why. We need to get back to that way of thinking just as Martin Luther King taught us, judging people by their character not the colour of their skin like racist people do. We need this woke nonsense to end so we can start enjoying sports, movies, television and everything else again.
William, Leicester

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