‘It’s extraordinary’: Liz Truss’s low-tax gamble has yet to convince Tory MPs | Conservatives

In the hyperbole-fuelled theatre of Westminster, where breathless rhetoric and implausible spin are so often the defining qualities, few events can truly be said to live up to a big billing. Yet when allies of the chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, promised a “game-changing” address in the run-up to Friday’s economic announcement, for once the performance matched … Read more

The 20 fastest-cooling real estate markets in the US – crime ravaged West Coast sees prices tumble

Seattle’s housing market is slowing faster than any in the country, a new study has revealed – as cash-strapped buyers increasingly shy away from home purchases.  The study, from real estate firm Redfin, ranked the nation’s most populous hubs using metrics such as prices, price drops, and supply – and found that the real estate market is … Read more

How This Shipping Startup Rocketed to Unicornhood

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. On August 17, 2022, two days after India celebrated its 76th Independence Day, logistics startup Shiprocket joined an elite group of companies, “unicorns”, whose mythical name perhaps rather aptly captures the nature of their billion-dollar valuations—more fancy … Read more

5 Best Mobile Trading Platforms in 2022 • Benzinga

BZ Quick Look at the Best Mobile Trading Platforms: Mobile trade platforms bring the entirety of brokerage services into a single, centralized point via a mobile application. An excellent mobile trading platform doesn’t just facilitate trading via the mobile app but offers you a more holistic service experience through intuitive design and ease of use. … Read more

James Meadway, Sound Money? — Sidecar

On 6 September Liz Truss was appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, after a Conservative leadership contest notable for its near-total lack of reference to the social calamity known as the cost-of-living crisis. While the ruling party spent the summer decrying ‘woke culture’ and praising the trickle-down theory, Keir Starmer’s Labour found a new … Read more