Fast & Secure VPN Proxy Servers for Internet Privacy

No person or business can survive in the modern world without the Internet. It is ubiquitous, and it affects the lives of almost all the people in modern society. Everyone from children in schools to adults at work and senior citizens use the Internet. But maintaining Internet privacy and security can be a huge challenge.  … Read more

Australia’s changing how it regulates the internet — and no-one’s paying attention

When we’re scrolling online, most of us give little thought to what’s happening behind the scenes — who is making decisions about the content we can or cannot see. Often this decision is in corporate hands: Facebook, TikTok and most major social media platforms have rules about what material they accept, but enforcement can be … Read more

Inside Russia’s Vast Surveillance State: ‘They Are Watching’

Four days into the war in Ukraine, Russia’s expansive surveillance and censorship apparatus was already hard at work. Roughly 800 miles east of Moscow, authorities in the Republic of Bashkortostan, one of Russia’s 85 regions, were busy tabulating the mood of comments in social media messages. They marked down YouTube posts that they said criticized … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg settles Cambridge Analytica suit weeks before deposition; experts reiterate data privacy concerns

Photo : AP Meta Platforms has recently reached a tentative USD 37.5 million preliminary settlement of a lawsuit involving the infamous Cambridge Analytica controversy where it was accused of violating users’ privacy by tracking movements through their smartphones without due permission. Interestingly, the settlement offer comes days before Mark Zuckerberg and former COO Sheryl Sandberg … Read more