Realme 9 review: a solid but unspectacular cheap Android phone

Two-minute review

The Realme 9 being held up face forwards against a wall

(Image credit: Future)

At this stage in the Realme story, we pretty much know what to expect from the brand: solid, unspectacular, good value smartphones, and quite a lot of them. The Realme 9 is one of the latest to arrive, and it offers some appealing features for the very reasonable price of £249 in the UK.

It’s interesting to compare the phone we’re reviewing here directly with the Realme 9 5G – which, as the name suggests, adds 5G. The standard Realme 9 sticks with 4G, although it does have a faster wired charging rate and an OLED rather than an LCD screen. It seems that Realme is trying to cover as many bases as possible. 

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